bleu cheese wedge salad.

For the longest time, bleu cheese repulsed me. When my mother and I would go grocery shopping at Weis Markets, which in the early nineties meant a crammed little store with brown and mustard yellow signs everywhere and awful incandescent lighting, I'd poke my chubby little fingertip into the blue-veined wedges and demand an explanation.

crispy bacon

She didn't have one (but she can make you a grilled cheese in the shape of a circle and call it a 'flying saucer,' and that makes up for any moldy cheese knowledge she lacks).

cherry tomah-toes

Her father, Pop, still eats like he's living in the Great Depression. His refrigerator is an eclectic mix of Wisconsin Germans meets Food Rationing - supplies for onion sandwiches, hard salami, Liederkranz cheese, pickles, and a jar of bleu cheese rattling around in the door with bits of dried dressing flecking the top. He buys the kind in the wide mouth jar and scoops the lumps of bleu cheese out of the bottom like buried treasure.

good ol' iceberg

I couldn't tell you when I finally decided I would ignore the sour pungent smell of gym socks that wafted up off the wedge, and in hindsight, it seems rather silly one would ever put something with that smell in your mouth, but I did. And I loved it. It was soft, tangy, delightfully stinky. Bleu cheese and I? We've come full circle.

This salad can probably be found on the menu of any mediocre steakhouse in America, but that's just the thing - you're probably eating a mediocre salad, and life is too short for anything mediocre. Justin and I had a similar salad at a restaurant for his mother's birthday and oh, it was fine enough, but I suspected we'd been shortchanged in some way. The dressing was the right texture, but the barely there specks of bleu cheese made for an incredibly lackluster salad. Plus they forgot the bacon. And who wants to eat a salad without bacon?

bleu cheese salad deliciousness.

If you scale back the buttermilk just a bit, the dressing will instantly be transformed into a dip for all things summer - cucumbers, carrots, radishes, or broccoli. I've also heard a vicious rumor about chopped red onion being added to this salad, and I find all things raw onion to be borderline sacrilegious, but I'll leave that up to you. I'll be praying you make the right decision.

wedge salad recipe.

Adapted from David Lebovitz.


  1. yum yum yum. I just had a similar salad at a restaurant north of Baltimore (christopher daniel) and it was just as yours! so much blue cheese and lots of bacon. perfect!

  2. Anonymous22.4.11

    Your mind is like a sponge...you remember so many things (from childhood), I'm always like, "Oh yeah, I remember that (now!)." Got any leftovers from that salad? Looks delicious! My little chef that once lived here has since married her prince and moved to 'happily ever after' and my 'gerirator' (remember that?) now stays fairly empty (except for the jar of pickles).

  3. LOVE the first picture. Bacon is my true love :) I use to like blue cheese when I was little. It's my parent's favorite so it was always around, and well it's what I grew up with. But then I found out it was mold (which is actually all cheese) but it also looked like mold and I was instantly turned off to the stuff. I'm slowly trying to get back into liking it...it's just the look of it. It's a little off putting...
    Your salad looks beautiful!

  4. Blue cheese is truly one of the greatest "accidents" of all time! I read somewhere that it was a mistake that turned out so delicious that they just kept making it that way....

  5. I am not a fan of blue cheese, but you make it look good! Love your pictures, and your blog!!

  6. debra ann23.4.11

    Oh my gosh, I am laughing so loud, by myself, in my kitchen as I read your antics..you are hitting every funny bone in my body! Let me tell you, with three teenagers, I needed that! I love you girl, can't wait to see you and Justin at church, soon I hope! I'm gonna make that stinky salad today! Thanks for everything!


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