dutch baby pancake.

Do you remember when we talked about lemon madeleines? Or how I was overwhelmed with wedding hullabaloo and looking forward to some down time with my new husband? Do you remember how I casually mentioned the next person to ask when we're having a baby gets a frying pan to the face?

I bought the frying pan. A nice, heavy, cast iron frying pan.

So if it's a baby they want - a baby they'll get.

almost there.

A pancake baby, a Dutch baby, a puffed up funnel-cake tasting baby with toasted, lacy edges and a blanket of powdered sugar, sprinkled with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and ready for my belly. Quite delightful. And if you happen to be married to a husband as curious as mine, you can giggle to yourself as he walks past the stove time and time again mumbling about the baking madness within.

puffed up and sort of brainy.

Now about this particular baby - I was a bit nervous about baking it for the full twenty five minutes as it starts to puff up around the edges within the first five, then the center rises up and down a bit, not unlike a real sleeping infant, and with twelve minutes still left on the timer it was starting to look like the perfect shade of golden brown and I was so very tempted to take it out - but you must resist! The edges will crisp up just a bit more and you'll need the extra few minutes to set the center - otherwise your baby's tummy will taste like soggy eggs.

dutch baby, oh baby.

I used a cast iron skillet for this pancake (and for smacking line-crossing folk across the mouth) but you can certainly pull it off in a glass pie plate or metal cake pan.

Dutch Baby Recipe

Adapted just a bit from Orangeette.


  1. Love it! And love that you have this pan to regulate people now. I made some pan fried catfish in a pan like that a couple months ago, the brown crust it gave it was amazing!

  2. At Christmas we learned that Dutch Baby also makes a great cold snack late at night....or really anytime of day.

  3. This is my favorite thing to make on a cold, snowy Sunday morning....


  4. wow, that looks awesome! must make!

  5. Beautiful...I've never had this before.

  6. I am going to have to experiment by making this at some point, and I saw in one of the pictures we have the same stove! Lol.


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