cinnamon iced oatmeal cookies.

There are plenty of important things you should remember when heading to the beach, not the least of which is cookies. You should always remember to pack cookies. And even though you're headed to the sunny surf and you packed several bikinis, you should ignore the weather and your waistline and bake cookies that taste like autumn.

I have long been a fan of the oatmeal cookie, the proper sort that have chewy and thick and flecked with bits of chewy raisin throughout each bite, but oh, I don't know, sometimes I just need a little spice in my life.

First of all, these cookies toss the raisins and swap in ground up oats to the batter, a technique that made them pleasantly chewy and delightfully oatsy. Each bite fills your tongue with a warm, toasty feeling, not to mention the cinnamon-spiked glaze that crackles under your teeth.

So get on it while it's still summer and you can grin to yourself about how naughty you are for baking cookies out of season.

Adapted from Smitten Kitchen & Good to the Grain, by Kim Boyce.

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